Teeth Whitening Special

Our new Zoom Whitespeed lamp has arrived and we are so excited about it’s fantastic results!

Experience the new Zoom Whitespeed in chair whitening for yourself for ONLY $550!

(Includes a complete take home whitening kit!)

Simply mention our website to receive over our professional take-home teeth whitening kit for only $245 !

Terms & Conditions:

Take home kit offer does not apply to in-chair whitening procedures such as Zoom Whitening and may not be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or offers.

Movie Tickets

It’s Movie Time!

Your referral is so important to us! To thank you for telling your friends and family to join our Maven Dental New Farm family, we will send you a movie voucher so you can have a night of relaxing and enjoyment on us.

We promise to provide your friends and family with a peaceful experience and exceptional care!

Just remind them to write your name on the new patient medical history form so we can acknowledge and thank you!